The Daring Adventur...
By krazydiamond
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***Winner of @JessicaBFry's Fantasy Writing Competition: Terrifying Creatures of the Deep*** ***Winner of The Under the Sea Writing Contest @Jos1eDemuth and @BrittanieCharmintine*** ***Slow, slow updates*** Sir Charles Darwin, favored scientist of her Majesty, is riding high off his successful Catalog of the Empire's Fauna. The winds of expansion are on the horizon. Sir Darwin is charged with a new task of exploration; the study and discovery of creatures beyond the Empire's holdings, including what lurks beneath the sea. In London's dockyard, Darwin realizes he's in for more than he bargained for when the Queen's Admiral shows him a very curiously ill sailor. The scientist will need a special kind of guide for this expedition, one worth her Majesty's gold, but the Captain and the Ship are nothing he ever expected. ***Cover art: Steampunk Mermaid Nouveau by Tiger-Tyger Photo Manipulation by "Secret Friend of Awesomeness"***

Down Where It's Wata (part 1)

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The Darin...
by krazydiamond