The Beast Inside (U...
By dreamer37
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Cherryl Carter is a normal, shy ,reserved girl. Like most of the girls out there She's a nobody and she loves it. She has just got two friends that's far more than she has ever asked for. The way her life is, no partying.. no boys and no action, most of the people will find it boring but not her. She's happy with the way everything is. Damien Richards is your typical player. His life involves everything that Cherryl's doesn't but he's not happy as he should be. They have lived in a same city, gone to same school and now are in same college but still their paths never crossed. Its nothing but obvious as Damien is at the top of the ladder and Cherryl isn't even anywhere near the ladder. But when their paths finally cross their lives turn upside down, literally. Cherryl tries to stay away from Damien but the more she pushes him away the more close he starts getting. No its not that he loves her or something its just that she's the only one whom the beast inside him wants... She's the only one who can tame his beast... She's the only one who can either break his curse or share it with him...

The Beast Inside

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The Beast...
by dreamer37