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In this transcript, mnemonic voyager Estrella Kuemanu dives into the past, going back to the 19th and 20th centuries in search of remnant clues to the future of humanity. Estrella has names and identities whittled into her drivepack, but that was never any guarantee that the information extracted would be reliable, much less relevant. She is searching for the designer and animator Bishop Valdez and his poet sister Nalani. Theory is they hold the key to what is coming. But it's a mess back there that deep in the past, what with the weight of electronic time bearing down on you, and those crazy-assed people so much like her own, driven by passions and curses, dumb luck both good and bad, dreams of pleasure and love, family and death. READER COMMENTS: "Captures my imagination of real Hawaii and not the tourist scene..." "The vocabulary is fantastic! I could read this forever..." "I'm deep in data-meld after reading this chapter. You'll be too! It's intoxicating." "The stream of consciousness fascinates and excites as the reader is taken through the physicality of propelling through space and time." "It's like you understand the neurons and are choosing and dictating their synapses, each and every detail has the colors and the smell and the touch of a reality, as if I was just there, watching them." "The past is pregnant with untold stories that unfurl like delicate and vibrant ferns before the reader." "A wonderful landing into the past." "Wow! Beautiful description of the 19th century." "I love how this feels like a magical realism soap opera....in Hawaii." "BEAUTIFULLY TRAGIC."

CANTO ONE: Estrella, 3115

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