Wicked Games [Peter...
By daendehaan
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[1/3] "How come you don't want to challenge me?" I questioned him. "Because you're a girl," Pan answered and chuckled as if this was a joke. "So you're scared," I remained expressionless as I teased. He scoffed, "No, girls are weak." "Well then it shouldn't be a problem at all and it should be easy for you to beat me" I grabbed the handle of my sword to ready for a duel. "Don't be silly, Everlee" He half laughed then walked around me to walk off. "Coward!" I called before he disappeared into the forest. He halted as if I just angered him. * Skylar Everlee doesn't easily give up, she would do anything to get out of Neverland, even she is willing to be part of Peter Pan's wicked games just to flatter him and hopes she can beat him to get a one-way ticket off the Neverland. But as they always say; Pan never fails. ***** "The closer you are to death, the more alive you'll feel" - Rush (2013)

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Wicked Ga...
by daendehaan