Mad World. (A Larry...
By amillionmilesaway
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For all his life Harry Styles has grew up wishing his future could be one of a fairy tale. He and his friends would conduct in hours of storytelling when he was younger, it's not until his seventeenth birthday that Harry begins to wonder if his life would ever as adventurous as a fairy tale. On that very same night, Harry meets a boy that changes his life forever. Harry and his friends are taken away to a place called Neverland where Harry must decide whether this dream of a fairy tale of his is worth it, or if it really is time for the boy to grow up. And he needs to make this decision before it's too late.  This story is a version Peter Pan, and I do not in anyway own the characters. It's very similar to the story itself, with some tweaks here and there. Also, it involves romance between two men and a few graphic scenes.

(1) Mad World. (A Larry Stylinson/Peter Pan crossover)

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Mad World...
by amillionmilesaway