My American Girl (S...
By redhairbxnds
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[WARNING: This is the conclusion of My Bradford Bad Boy, which is available in my profile.] Zayn and Sadie's story is far from over. For Sadie, Zayn was nothing but a figment of her imagination. He was not her's and will never be. There's no such thing as happy ever after. After everything, she thinks that moving back to America and starting a new life in college would be the perfect solution, but when she meets a mysterious guy, why does every little things he does points back to the past she wants to forget and that is Zayn? Zayn believes everything happens for a reason including what happened to Sadie. She was supposed to be just one of the girls, but why can't he stop thinking about her beautiful face, her melodic voice, and everything about her? With bigger obstacles facing the both of them ahead, will they be able to find their way to one another against all the odds? Copyright © 2013 Zoey Lenhart All Rights Reserved.

1: New Beginning

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My Americ...
by redhairbxnds