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Book One, part two of the "Home" series Melina Andrews is still around, and she still doesn't know which country she is! She and Matthew are in it together, though, and their relationship is more than "just friends". They love each other, but as time goes on their worlds and sanity will be tested by everything. Snapping (and not the yelling kind, mind you) is the least of their worries as Melina has to keep her gender a secret to stay safe from the person trying to do her harm. Strange dreams leave her confused and angry because she seems so close to finding her elusive identity; danger, action, romance, tears, blood, fluff, and fear are all going to become frequent visitors in everyone's lives as a new threat is traveling closer and closer. Its target? Well, that'll become evident once they get here, now, won't it? Gakuen Hetalia, OCxCanada OCxScotland OCxAmerica OCxRussia OCxEngland Rated PG-13 for a reason, although it could go up when the end is near.

Chapter 99~!

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What is...
by BookBird1497