Call for Obstructio...
By MeanWinnieJean
  • Humor
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  • damned
  • demons
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  • fallenangels
  • fantasy
  • gatesofhell
  • goodvsevil
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  • satan
  • souls
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  • urbanfantasy


My name is Barry, although it might as well be Loser. Satan owns my soul, and my demon boss tortures me with her magical cigarettes every chance she gets. I should flick butts at her. She tricked me into signing a contract that compels me to help open the Gates of Hell. I'm desperate for freedom. At the same time, I'll do anything to stop damned souls from spilling onto Earth. My odds of saving mankind are uncertain. But I still have to try. Call for Obstruction is the introduction to The Courier series. It won the Textnovel Writing Contest for its unique characters and dark humor. It's fast-paced like a video game and hard to put down. Read this book if you're a fan of Christopher Moore, Terry Pratchet, or Jim Butcher. You're sure to have a damned good time! Fall for Freedom, a short prequel to The Courier series is also available on Wattpad at Cover design by RL Treadway at

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Call for...
by MeanWinnieJean