Shield - A New Spec...
By JDLTorre
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Kidnapped by members of Mercile Industries, the pharmaceutical company that was shut down six years ago for their illegal experiments on New Species, Paige Evans wakes within the confines of a testing facility as one of their prisoners. They believe her to be the daughter of an elusive double agent. A threat that could expose Mercile's most valuable research to the NSO. When the infiltrator's identity is compromised, Paige discovers a terrible truth: the woman she believed her mother to be is a lie. Now, threatened as leverage in exchange for classified NSO information, Paige is forced to endure captivity with the other prisoners until her mother gives in-or face termination at the hands of their most lethal test subject: X-013. But something far more sinister lurks deep within the compound, and as Paige struggles to survive the horrible trials as a test subject, she uncovers a threat to New Species that could potentially destroy them all. **Yes, my first New Species fanfiction ever!** Please review, comment, send the love-whatev! Any feedback is appreciated :) Note: All rights and original characters from the New Species series belong to the awesome Laurann Dohner. "Shield" is set in Dohner's world and written purely for my own entertainment -- and I hope yours as well.


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by JDLTorre