The Other Stilinski
By book_lover255
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Grace Stilinski, younger sister of Stiles Stilinski, and daughter of the Sheriff. She's one year younger than Stiles and Scott but acts like she's older than them. She's VERY shy and doesn't talk much. Shocker huh? A Stilinski to shy to even look up? Well, it happened when her mother died and she was afraid to get close to anyone ever again. She only really talks to Stiles, Scott, and her dad. Sometimes her teachers in school, but only when she absolutely HAS too. When Scott gets bit by the alpha and the three get caught in the supernatural world they meet the one and only Derek Hale. Or 'Sour Wolf' as Stiles calls him. He falls in love with Grace and try's to break down her walls. Will he? Maybe... What will Stiles think? Over the years their friendship will grow and their feelings will as well. Best friends forever? Or will they fall in love on the adventure of the events in Beacon Hills? ------------------------------------------------------ I DO NOT own Teen Wolf. I ONLY own Grace and the things she does in the story.

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The Other...
by book_lover255