Long Lost Daughter...
By LemonzLimez
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Adriana Rocio Abril is an 11 year old Argentine who has a passion for football. Her idol being the one and only Lionel Messi and her favourite team being FCBarcelona. With good grades, best friends and a caring family she tackles life without knowing that she's the 'Long Lost Daughter of Leo Messi'. Lionel Messi is and 27 year old Argentine who plays professionally for the Spanish football team FCBarcelona. Leo and his girlfriend, Antonella both lost their baby gitl Ardriana at the age of three years from a kidnapping. As time goes by, Leo and Antonella haven't seen their daughter for eight years. Without losing hope they search long and hard for their lost princess. But what if Leo and Adriana pathes cross when Adriana's goes to a Summer Camp hosted by the football team FCBarcelona with the Barça players being the coaches. Will a bond form between Adriana and Leo? Or will Adriana leave the camp without Leo?

Chapter 1

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Long Lost...
by LemonzLimez