Ugly Beauty (Sevent...
By monicadaang
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Your parents didn't love you because of your ugliness. Neither did the people around you. You had no friends to rely on either. Your mom and dad sent you to live in Korea with your grandparents whom you loved with all of your heart. Despite the bullying and torments that were being thrown your way you still manage to live a happy life in Korea. After saving Emily (a bully) she manages to make a new friend, plus 13 others. As a thank you gift, Emily dolls you up for a school fundraiser that auctions students in return for cash. No one has ever seen you looked so beautiful but when they did, everyone was in awe. There was one person you couldn't fall for, and that was Vernon. But he happens to bid on you. Keep on reading to see what happens when a shy, quiet heartthrob meets an ugly girl. What will people say about their relationship?

Chapter 1

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Ugly Beau...
by monicadaang