The King Of The Rog...
By Your_amazyn
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Athena Snow couldn't be more happier, when she's invited to the annual ball. At the Cheshire Castle, in the heart of Veyara. Everything around her is perfect and it truly feels like a dream. But like most dreams. Nightmares follow closely behind. As the once mighty Kingdom of Veyara is attacked, by the Rogues. Everything around her is bathed in blood. All her loved ones remain in ashes of fire. As she glances at the large cloaked figure, with golden eyes; staring back at her. A horrifying reality dawns upon on her. One that crashes her soul within. The man who has destroyed her home. Beheaded the King and killed her loved ones. Is none other than. The King of the Rogues. Her mate. *Not a cliche book. © All Rights Reserved. Your_amazyn Cover by the amazing @Zammurad

The King Of The Rogue

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The King...
by Your_amazyn