My FAKE Boyfriend
By Kay_Turner15
  • Teen Fiction
  • afraid
  • boyfriend
  • breakup
  • bullied
  • fake
  • forgive
  • girlfriend
  • health
  • justwrightit
  • leaving
  • lie
  • lies
  • loner
  • love
  • money
  • real
  • saved
  • seperate
  • sorry


My Fake Boyfriend. Sienna is the loner girl that nobody notices and when Elijah the popular guy in school dose take a notice to he it surprises her. When he asked her to be his fake girlfriend there were only 3 reasons. To make is mom happy, to get Sienna away from the bullies, and the last one is to be able to date him. Yet Sienna had her own reason to agree to this was she wants to have a relationship before she leaves. Will they have a reall relationship or will it all be just fake? Will she stay or leave? Will he find out her secrets? Will she finally have friends? or will nobody care for her and she ends up leaving? Read to find out!!! Enjoy! Book Two is done and ready to be read. "When The Lies Brush Past My Lips"

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My FAKE B...
by Kay_Turner15