Wolves and Hounds
By RandomStoryLover226
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Haven Stark. Born and raised in Winterfell, she thinks she knows how cruel the world can be, with poor crops and harvests, but she is wrong. Travelling to Westeros with her father and sisters, Haven soon comes to realise that the outside world is a much more horrible place than she had imagined, but not because of nature- because of Lions. Haven finds herself been kept in a world she does not know nor does she understand, and the only hope she has lies with her sisters. But she keeps running into the Big Bad Hound, Bodyguard of the King, and he only seems to accentuate the cruelty of the world that they live in. But running into the Hound time after time also represents something else; Haven shows acceptance of the Hound, despite his appearance and reputation. It is here that Sandor Clegane starts to realise that Haven Stark is not just some prissy high-class bitch; she's one of the only women who he hasn't scared off, and he just can't figure out why... I don't own Game of Thrones, I only own Haven.

The Royal Party

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Wolves an...
by RandomStoryLover226