Home (A Jax Teller...
By ree_louise
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I freeze at the sound of the all to familiar woman's voice, a voice I haven't heard in twelve years. I swallow and shake my head, gathering my thoughts, "Hey Gemma." "How're you darlin'?" She asks. "I'm good," I lie, "How did you get this number?" I ask, feeling my hands shake. "Clubs got connections, but that don' matter." She says dismissively. "How're you Gemma?" I ask, all of a sudden neverous. "I'm fine Darlin' but that's what I was calling you about." She says and I hear something in her voice. "What is it?" I ask, wondering what's going on. "It's Jax baby." She says and the breath leaves my body, immobilising me. "Baby, I need you to come home." She states. Emily Carter hadn't been home in over twelve years, leaving behind everything she loved. But when she's gets a phone call from the woman she considered her mother, begging for her to come home she had no choice. She comes back to Charming and soon things are as complicated as they were twelve years ago with both the club and its Vice President. Will things ever be the same as they were twelve years ago? Will Emily ever be able get back into the club life? Will the club ever find out the past that she's tried so hard to hide from them? Copyright @ree_louise

Author's Note

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Home (A J...
by ree_louise