Heaven's Wings
By MikuruTakashima
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • bond
  • crystalline
  • crystallinebondtrilogy
  • enchanted
  • hw
  • magic
  • mystery
  • romance
  • sisterhood
  • sisters
  • spirits
  • trilogy
  • twins
  • wizards


My mom once told us, "You sisters have a special ligature that unites your heart as one. And just like wings, you are linked for eternity." Up until now, I had no idea what she meant. I always had a hunch that she was implying about the bond of mine and my little twin sister's. Well, I couldn't deny the fact of our strong connection. We were told that we were inextricable, like we lived as two persons with the same heart. Along with my two elder sisters, my parents, and my betrothed, we lived happily. Or so I thought. I never even imagined that this bond could destroy our whole lives. With my parents dead and my twin sister vanished without any trace, at the tender age of seven, I found out I was the chosen one for the throne and I was suddenly shouldered with the burden to fulfill the responsibilities of my parents. My name is Claire Aveline Clovis, the Heiress of the Silvervalley Throne and an A Class Wizard. And as a princess, I vow to find and save my twin sister and return our once lost bond. _____ Crystalline Bond Trilogy Book 1 Heaven's Wings © MikuruTakashima


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