Faithful Sinner
By candy_junky
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I had every right to give my mind, body and soul to this man. He was flawless; perfection. A bead of sweat falling from his strong, musculine jaw onto his ripped pecs of his chest. I couldn't help but think of how I wanted to catch it with my tounge after it ran just underneath his belly botton. His pants hang loosely on his hips so that I could see his perfect v-shape with the trail of golden-brown hairs right in the center of his perfect strong, chiseled body. Now that we're together and happy, I have someone after me. Someone that's trying to kill us both. Is it worth it being with the most handsome cop you've ever laid your eyes on? Or is it too much to handle and you walk away from it all without looking back? Read along to find out... Please be 18 and ⇧ to read, I'd hate to corrupt the young minds. And yes, this story was originally 'Sins of a School Girl' but I began to really dislike it so I changed it. *currently being edited and under construction* Please vote and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Chapter One (Prologue)

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by candy_junky