Blanca Like Snow
By BelWatson
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As someone who's been so pampered to the point of oblivion, I never noticed the similarities with the fairy-tale. Every little girl should see her father as a king and her home is her kingdom. Almost every girl wants to be a princess or is treated as one. Some approach that more than others. I was one of those who are really close to be one. With a father that was like a king, soon came a stepmother hungry for power and money. Of course, I only realised that when Dad wasn't in the picture anymore. It wasn't jealousy because I was prettier than her, or that I think, what pushed her to hate me and to try to get rid of me; it was that as soon as I was twenty-one I would end up inheriting all of my father's business. Not her. So I had to disappear for her to be the only queen. Just like in the fairy tale, someone was hired to get rid of me. Did your parents read the tale to you? They didn't to me, so maybe that's why I didn't notice how much I resemble that princess. So that's me: Blanca, like Snow... Snow White. BOOK 5 In the Aware Princess Series flower: Thornapple, it symbolises "disguise."

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Blanca Li...
by BelWatson