Agelast(ON HOLD)
By thatlittlebrunette
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A g e l a s t - S o m e o n e w h o n e v e r l a u g h s - Alpha Roarke is extremely powerful, he enjoys everything in this deep dark world that he's created around him. He likes to be the Alpha that children tremble to think of at night. Everyone trembles from the shivers that run down their spines when his name is mentioned. Every one except Aurora Rogan. Aurora is an extremely sassy werewolf- she doesn't let anyone tell her what to do, or when to do it. Shes the deltas daughter, and even though she is- she walks around like she owns the place. Her confidence some people would call cocky but she calls it her best quality. Also being known as 'The prankster of the pack' Aurora carrys around a somewhat bad girl attitude with her. But what happens when she wanders a little too far in the woods? Right across the lake she's been raised to never pass. But at one point curiosity gets the best of everybody- even the incurious become the curious. Copyright: © July 28th {5:55 EST} Highest rank: #110 In werewolf

Chapter 1

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by thatlittlebrunette