Loving Alpha
By rojannn_
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-CONTAINS VERY MATURE CONTENT- "You're Mine! MINE JESS!" With those words, he showed me what he meant. He throws me onto the bed with a predatory glint in the steel of his stare. He makes his way over to me, keeping his stare as he does so. I was excited yet nervous when he ran his hands over my body. Every touch consumed me and in that moment I knew I was ready for him. I bit my lip as he hovered on top of me, I could see his eyes changing from those baby blue color I loved soo much to a color I have never seen. His mouth on my neck, leaving soft kisses from my jaw to my soft spot. I let out a moan as he was inches away from my soft spot, he smirked and looked at me. Keeping his stare on me, his hands find their way to the bottom of my shirt, exploring my body. I felt sparks going through my body. I gasped as he grabbed my right boob. "See Jess! ONLY I CAN MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE THIS! NO ONE ELSE EXCEPT ME! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" 17 year old Jessica Clark has had a rollercoaster life. Her parent's died when she was a child by a group of rouges. The only family she has left is her older brother Alec Clark. Alec was made Alpha of the Red River Pack when their parents died. He is 19 years old and yet to find his mate. 18 year old Caleb Black is the strongest and the most feared Alpha in the world. He is the Alpha of the Black Moon Pack. He is a typical bad boy and a player, he uses girls for only one thing and breaks their heart afterwards. Find out what happens when Caleb meets his mate Jessica and their journey together.

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Loving Al...
by rojannn_