Hunted [Wild Hunt S...
By WriterKellie
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#1 in Paranormal & #1 UNIQUE ranked story on Wattpad! Nineteen year old Tay Wilson is about to leave her homesteading family for an internship working with a famous special effects designer in New York City when a fast-moving snowstorm puts one of the family's newborn calves in jeopardy. Rescuing that calf is the last thing she wants to do, especially after a terrifying wolf with a tongue like a serpent has spent the last few weeks stalking her. It always runs off when it hears a bellowing hunting horn. Unfortunately for Tay, it's not the wolf at the door she should fear. The riders of the Wild Hunt are searching for brides, and one of them has his eye on her. 6/07/2017: After months of lingering around #2 and #3, Hunted has finally hit #1 Paranormal story

1: The Smiling Dark

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Hunted [W...
by WriterKellie