Broken & Tainte...
By sonderistic
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SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN OC x LEVI FAN-FICTION + SEQUEL TO 'TRUMP CARD | ATTACK ON TITAN' "Kid, should I still have faith in you? No matter how many times I think you've died in front of me, when I told you not to, somehow, I can never let it go. Subordinate, you're always in my head, it's starting to piss me off- I can't think of anything else. Cadet, are you still alive out there somewhere? Bella, do you still care?" I care, I've always cared. But how can I care for someone if I'm fragile myself. I may not be the leader I was before. Now I may need someone to help me, to guide me, to be my captain. For now, I'll be surviving on my own. "Come find me, come fix me," I'm not half the girl you used to know, you see. During that time, I was just shattering, but now? I'm broken and tainted.

Chapter One: Hiding from reality, literally.

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Broken &a...
by sonderistic