A Story To Tell | B...
By KiaLovexo
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WARNING: Tereny will piss you off throughout this book. So if ya don't have patience, this ain't for you lmao! Read at ya own risk tho. Being a side chick comes with many holes and hurdles. For Tereny, she's been dealing with them ever since she's met her man. Although he is married, it doesn't stop her from being happy with what she has. But let's just say, when a wife finds out about a mistress, all hell breaks loose. But Tereny rather fight for her man, even if it takes losing herself. That is, until she's blindsided by the perfect young gentleman in disguise. Things just may take a turn for better. But we all know, nothing ends well when Karma rears her head.


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A Story T...
by KiaLovexo