Jason's Quest
By ChristopherLedbetter
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[Epic Mythological Fantasy] A prince who defied two kings. A princess who made the ultimate sacrifice. Jason, the rightful heir to the throne of Iolkos, must avenge the deposition of his father and the murder of his siblings. With no intention of relinquishing the crown, however, vile King Pelias demands that Jason acquire the famed Golden Fleece to prove himself worthy of the crown. It is a feat many have tried, but none have succeeded. Fewer still have even lived to tell their tale. Sailing with the Argonauts, a dream team of heroes, Jason navigates fierce adversaries, insurmountable obstacles, and turbulent waters to reach Colchis, half a world away. All Jason wants is the Golden Fleece, but its owner, King Aeetes has different ideas. In order for the king to discharge the Fleece, Jason must complete three arduous, if deadly, labors. Choosing to accept aid from a beautiful and mysterious but unlikely source could either be Jason's salvation or his undoing. But choose wisely, he must. For if he fails but one of lethal tasks... death may be a welcome vacation from his troubles. *** Jason's Quest is a sexy, mysterious retelling of Greek myth, Jason and Medea/ Jason and The Argonauts/ Jason and The Quest for the Golden Fleece. If you really like this, please give me a vote. And stay tuned... my YA mythological fantasy THE SKY THRONE is coming from Month9Books in 2017!! Add it to your TBR https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33280983-the-sky-throne

Jason's Quest

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Jason's Q...
by ChristopherLedbetter