Whispers in New Yor...
By Sicilian-Sensation
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Official Trailer: https://youtu.be/H3VQ9T8SkXY https://twitter.com/SicilianMafiosa _______________✏ Whispers in New York is Book Two of the series. You must read Book One - Silence in New York to understand the story as it is a direct continuation. _______________✏ "Let's get this straight," the officer took a deep breath trying with every fibre in his body to contain his excitement. This wasn't the first time, no. This had happened many times and once push came to shove, he found most people were all talk. Especially women. They were always all talk. He glanced back behind him, the FBI agent casually leaning against the wall under the camera with one leg bent, his shoe placed flush against the wall with both hands in his pocket. Waiting. Patiently waiting for the officer to get down to business. "You're willing to testify to these accounts?" She licked her coral painted lips nervously. For a brief moment she thought of Salvatore and everything he had done for her. All the things he had promised her. All the moments they shared together. her eyes travelling from the officer, to the FBI agent and then to up to the camera. "Yes. I'll do whatever you need me to do." _______________✏


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