Exuberance Is Beaut...
By rosegluckwriter
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(Featured Story 2016 & 2017) Oregon, 1940s: Eve Miller, a young war widow, rebels against the ordinariness of womanhood in the post-war era. Eve is enlightened as she succumbs to the sensual temptation of an adulterous affair. In its aftermath, Eve Miller's life unravels and leads to unexpected violence and moral isolation. Exuberance Is Beauty, is a contemporary interpretation of Adam and Eve's biblical allegory and Eve's fall into desolation. The story examines the consequence of erotic obsession and the repentance the female protagonist must pay for her sins of the flesh. Exuberance Is Beauty has been described as "an intense psychological thriller," "hauntingly beautiful," and "terrifying." WHAT WATTPADERS ARE SAYING ABOUT JEFF: * controlling, heartless, psychopath man! * I really don't like Jeff, he's a bully and controlling her life. * Manipulation then seduction, a typical narcissist. Poor Eve. * Jeff is such an evil narcissistic...I bet he does mistreat his wife...physically and threatening to dump her if she doesn't back his projects and that he has had affairs regularly...It will all come out eventually. I just loathe him WHAT WATTPADERS ARE SAYING ABOUT EVE: *Why do I feel Jeff will ruin her chance of happiness? * I am trying to understand Eve but to be sincere I just cant. Jeff's behaviour is disgusting but it was wrong for her to follow him to his bed. I understand that she feels she now has control over her life but I just have this bizarre fear that she'd go back to him again, it seem as if they are obsessed and dats not love * I felt bad for her knowing that the only reason for all of this is a man- a controlling, heartless, psychopath man! * She didn't deserve any of this * What a frightening life this character led. I only hope some of the women that were tortured during this time frame were able to recover to some degree

Chapter 1

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by rosegluckwriter