Some Wounds Never H...
By PuddleOfFire
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2015 PKMNWatties Best in Short Story "I remember that moment my siblings all curled up around me, their fur warm and soft, enough to make me sleepy and dreamy. I looked up at them, my little nose sniffling in the cold wind that rushed from the snowstorm happening outside. "You'll never leave me, right? We'll always be together?" I asked quietly, my voice echoing in the silence of the cave. They all stared profoundly at me, their eyes sincere and kind. All eight of them wore genuine smiles as they purred, rubbing themselves against me in a kind of calming manner. At first I worried they didn't hear me, until my eldest brother, the Alpha of our pack, Jolteon, came closer to me, pushing my little body closer to his. "There'll never be a moment with even a single Eeveelution short." I nestled closer to the safety of my brothers and sisters, my eyes just about shut in the warm company of my family. There was no way to predict what would happen in the future. There was no possible telling we would be together forever as a pack. But despite it all, I believed him. There was nine of us. And that's how it would always be. Or so I thought. You could never imagine how fast a promise could be broken. How quickly you could be pierced. And worse than it all, despite the long, painful years you wait, how some wounds never heal." ----- ~Cover by @AllHailRempire! It's literally the best cover I've seen in my entire life O: THANKS SO MUCH!~

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Some Woun...
by PuddleOfFire