To Live Again {Lord...
By CJ_Callahan
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Book I of the 'To Live Again' Saga In the modern world Clara Riley experiences a life changing event...death! Usually this means the end of living, but this quirky art student gets the shock of her life when she wakes up in Greenwood the Great...when she should be dead...and not in a fictional world? Meanwhile in the Second Age of Arda - an Elven Prince returns from fateful battles horrendously scarred, both inside and out. But not all of Prince Thranduil's scars are battle worn - his heart has long since abandoned any hope of redemption. But not all hope is lost, at least not in the eyes of a young elfling. Legolas is determined to reach his Ada, and he is especially sure his new friend Clara can assist...after all he did pray to the great Illuvatar to send him some help! *AU - new spin on 'girl-falls-into-ME' genre* **Part of the Official Wattpad LOTR fanfic Reading List & Fic Recs** **Part of the Official-Visible Reading List for Wattpad** ***TOP TEN in FANDOM Winner2015*** ***RBLS Popular Choice Winner2016***

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To Live A...
by CJ_Callahan