The Petrova Sister
By Ansley_Petrova
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Kataline Petrova. The twin of the oh so famous Katherine Pierce, aka Katarina Petrova. 1864 Both Katherine and Kataline are greeted by the handsome Salvatore brothers, each taking a liking to each sister. There's only one difference between them. Kataline is human. Katherine is a vampire. They've kept it a secret for generations. A witch has created a spell for Kataline so she may live alongside her sister, without ever aging. Enjoying the company of the Salvatore brothers, terror struck and suddenly everyone is after vampires. The group of vampire hunters, lead by Johnathan Gilbert, has found out about vampires and wants to get rid of them once and for all. Btw there will be a time skip to the present times of where the vampire diaries takes place. [started: july 25th 2015] [finished: october 27th 2015] [rewritten: tba] pls read at your own risk i was 14 and did nOT know how to follow plots and make the story run smoothly so i apologize for an confusion.

Chapter One: Meeting the Salvatore Brothers

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The Petro...
by Ansley_Petrova