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"My hands are stained with dirt. And they always will be." ~ Lillian Nightshade; assassin, Captain America's girlfriend, and number one magnet for bullsh*t and bad luck. For her entire life, she's been told what to, who to kill, who she is, and what she's meant to be. And now? Thanks to her history of daddy issues that could rival Shellhead's, she finds herself kidnapped by father of the year Loki Laufeyson and held hostage in a realm far from her favourite boy toy's reach. Asgard. Struggling with her own sense of identity whilst simultaneously trying to escape the clutches of a god with fabulously glorious hair, by the time Lillian finds herself returning to the world she knows, she begins to notice a suspicious amount of change within it. HYDRA apparently died with the Red Skull, SHIELD hasn't fallen, the battle of Braga never went down, and Steve Rogers doesn't seem to remember her. It's almost as if she's... Gone back in time? Between balancing the timeline, trying not to spoil the future, righting wrongs committed the first time around and dealing with a butt tonne of family drama, Lillian simply can't catch a break from all the bad luck she attracts. Throw a familiar metal armed World War II soldier turned HYDRA weapon into the mix, and the Nightingale might just be in over her head. In spite of it all, will the two complete opposites, Steve and Lillian, find their way to each other's lives once again? Or is their romance lost, a faded memory stored away for rainy days? For she may have their love to light the way, but where there is light, there will always be its older sibling. Darkness. BOOK TWO OF THE NIGHTINGALE CHRONICLES **I obviously don't own any Marvel or comic characters. I only half of the plot, Lillian Nightshade, Samuel Hemmings and a few other characters that appear later on in the book. All other rights are reserved to Marvel and DC comics.**


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Played by...
by Marvel_Mockingjays