How You Get The Girl
By chuckae
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❝step #1: break her heart❞ Avery Grace had always been the sweet, smart, silly friend to many of the boys in school. Not exactly tomboy but with tomboy traits and a match-maker personality. So when she meets Thiago Diaz, she is set on making her best friend get his said 'true love' back under summer's spell of romance. And to add to effect, she has to ignore her little crush on him and ignore the fact that he is, in fact, in love with her ex best friend--Mia. As the snowflake picks up it's pace, Avery begins to realize she isn't the best match maker in the world. And it dawns upon Thiago that he might just be falling for little miss cupid herself. © 2015 justplaincliche

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How You G...
by chuckae