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By poltergeist_people
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The bell to my grandfathers old shop rang and I looked up from my magazine, "Welcome to Sugar Suga- whoa what happened to your face?" A dark haired man in worn black jeans spat on my perfectly polished cotton candy floor. "shut up and let me use the back room." I shrugged, staring at the light purple tile he spat on, "Kay but was there really a need to spit on my floor? this is a candy shop you know. Cant have bloody spit in the chocolate." If looks could kill I would be melted into a rainbow puddle. He jumped behind the counter and stormed into the back room, "tell anyone here and I'll fucking kill you." I snorted, "what are you going to do gag me with your lolly pop?" He froze in the doorway for a moment before slamming the door behind him. What a fun guy. I looked up at the bell ringing again, "Hello! welcome to Sugar-Sugar my names Lola and I'll be happy to make any non sexual sweet dreams come true!" I love when there are no kids in the store and I can ad-lib the greeting A group of crude looking men stared at me for a long moment, "have you seen a beaten up pretty boy around here?" I pointed out the door, "pretty sure I saw him pass by, why?" They left without answering my question and I shrugged, going back to my magazine, "Yo! pretty boy back there buy some candy will you? its the least you can do after I kept you from getting shot in the face!" ~~ After Lola Fayes grandfather died he left her his beloved candy shop. Doing the rational thing she dropped out of high school to work full time at her favorite childhood place where she was practically raised. So when a mysterious man storms in one day and demands she lets him use the shop as a safe haven as her grandfather had her life is turned upside down in a strange way she never even dreamed she would have to deal with. ~~ A/N just so you know this book contains magic and sex....heh magic sex XD read at own risk!

Ch 1: Welcome to Sugar Sugar!

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by poltergeist_people