Saving Shay [On Hol...
By TashaW
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DISCLAIMER *On hold indefinitely and incomplete* Zoey Alexander wants nothing more than to be at peace after being put into care due to her mother's drug habit. Convincing herself that she must forget the past, she decides to leave behind all her miseries. That however, isn't the easiest thing to do when hard headed Shay Ellis is around. Shay; the latest installment in Zoey's foster home, is nothing but trouble. Mad at the world after also losing his mother to drugs, his rage begins to rub Zoey in the face. Soon he begins to challenge Zoey's positivity and digging into their purposes. From questioning her mother's betrayal to poking around her mask of happiness by challenging her constantly; Both find themselves in a state of unexpected understanding, an unlikely connection is forged as they are race to protect someone close to them. As their friendship blossoms Zoey becomes the only person in Shay's life able to help him battle his demons, and in return he becomes the only person she can share her pain with. Yet in the shade of her struggle, will she be able to help him and protect her own feelings at the same time? Or will she become the casualty of her own advice? *Previously uploaded on my second account; TashaW1901 and here are the stats* Reads: 39.7K Votes: 1.3K Comments: 263

Chapter 1

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Saving Sh...
by TashaW