The Sold Courtesan
By sherby16
  • Historical Fiction
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  • execution
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"A whore will lie on her back and spread her legs, counting the roof panels, clutching at her bronze coin until the deed was complete. A courtesan is different." Brought up in an established family, her fortunes are quickly turned, kidnapped and sold as a slave she soon enters a new world of being a courtesan. Thrown into a world where sex and pleasure dominate, Athena must find a way of escaping her prison, but as a slave, the only payment she can give is paid in pleasure. Will she escape or is she doomed to a lifetime of abuse at the courtesan's establishment? Making friends and enemies along the way Athena is lost in a world of deception and the unknown. She must use all of her charms to get herself home. If only life was so simple, it seems there are many more players to this game and she is the unwilling and unknowing pawn in a much bigger plot.

Part 1, Chapter 1) Bruises & Blisters

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The Sold...
by sherby16