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I jolted up, sweat dripping down my neck. I scrambled for the pills beside me and popped two into my mouth. "I shouldn't have done that." I muttered. I sat up shaking violently, waiting for the medication to kick in. Slowly I started to feel numb again, one of my favorite feelings. Thanks to those pills, I can finally start to feel somewhat sane. But don't get me wrong, I'm not a drug addict. I'm just a dying girl who is afraid of what she might become. Understand? XXX I dropped onto the ground, clutching my jaw. The red liquid known as blood flooded my mouth like a river. You see, the taste of blood definitely isn't unfamiliar. Just like the sensation of pain. Those two were buddies in my life. It's quite funny, I remember the cracking of my bones and glass seeping into my skin, just like the small needles that pumped medicine into my blood system to keep my small fragile body alive. All these hits yet, here I am standing. Guess you can call me superman. But even though I might be standing, I've already crumbled inside. Humans have glass hearts and strings that hold them together. What would we have left if our glass heart shatters and all the strings popped? XXX WARNING: Story is triggering to audiences that are sensitive to suicide and cutting. Oh and this story is quite frankly, cringey as hell. Story is in a very slow process of editing, so if there are errors, feel free to point them out and I will be quick to fix them! Hope you guys enjoy UnSavable! Love, Victoria♥ XXX Highest so far: #43 teen fiction 3/19/2017

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by VOXO17