Dangerous Conceit (...
By ali-lee
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Lexi is a bartender in disguise, a chameleon-an assassin. Everything Lexi has become is all to keep a four-year-old girl safe. Moretti knows that Lexi will do whatever he says for the sake of the child and orders her to remove Crime Boss Angelo Tomassi from his throne. With his luxurious hotel, high-end investments and legion of workers that cater to his every whim, Angelo invokes jealousy from crooked politicians by refusing to give them more shares. Moretti sends Lexi to take it all. Lexi is not ignorant to the risks and sees an opportunity to escape Moretti's grasp. She devises a plan to ask for Angelo's help, hoping he will not connect her to Moretti first. Getting on Angelo's good side should be easy when she agrees to go out with the sexy business connoisseur and Angelo's right hand man, Rafa. One problem-Rafa is a sharp, no-nonsense elite who says he already knows her. Lexi must find out how before petitioning for the help of the Tomassi Group. (This book may contain language, violence or sexual content and is intended for mature audiences. Reader discretion is advised.)

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by ali-lee