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7. Evleyen is on her seventh and-thankfully-final mission for the month. Crossing the silvery grey moon, Harooo, on her trusty Steed to deliver urgent medical supplies, she takes an unexpected detour... . Round Seven (tie-breaker) - Lost World. My stories for the SFSD X (Sci-Fi Smackdown Number Ten) 6. General Parker Rodriguez didn't believe for one second in the existence of flying saucers with little green men conducting random anal probes, but he still knew that Aliens were out there. Somewhere. One day, they would come. Round Six - First Contact. 5. Rosa woke to find herself a prisoner. She had no memory, no clue as to what had happened. She only knew she had to escape. Round Five - Spy-Fi. 4. FBI Agent John Masters was convinced there were humans with special powers, existing side by side with ordinary people. But were they with humanity - or against us? Round Four - Superhuman. 3. Version 8 Androids, Kate and Peter, looked like real people - they were Bianca's best product yet. But was it possible they looked too human? Round Three - Bardpunk. 2. Sam and Dean have been fighting a losing battle against demons for years. Now Sam thinks he might have a more permanent solution. Round Two - Alternate History. 1. Lost. It's 2815 and, after the Armageddon Wars, there's not much of old Earth left. Qu Pang, living in a small settlement in what used to be South Australia, hears rumours of an island far below the 60th parallel. Despite witnessing what happened to the last ship which went exploring, he is determined to find out if anyone else has survived. Round One - Lost world sub-genre.

Harooo (The Final Countdown!)(7.1)

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