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By eyesocketsandsuits
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Valkyrie gazed out the window. It hadn’t rained in weeks. The land outside was parched, an unprecedented heat wave, the weathermen said. The cave had been cool and clear, but back out in the sunlight, Valkyrie could feel her thoughts slipping away from her into a restless haze. Skulduggery was still tapping his fingers, a quick, rhythmless beat. Another pointless case. Valkyrie had expected this—after all, the end of the world can only come so many times in the span of a few short years. But Valkyrie had also expected something. The past few months had been filled with cases like this one. Simple, silly, pointless thefts. It was boring. It was maddening. She wanted to punch someone who deserved it. The summer had slid in, stealing anything interesting from them. Cases they looked into were dead ends. They all were. Skulduggery looked at her. “Something’s wrong.” [[Multi-chapter, Not An AU]]

Harry Potter

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Cross You...
by eyesocketsandsuits