The Clockwork Princ...
By The-Scrivener
  • Science Fiction
  • action
  • android
  • childrens
  • clockwork
  • mystery
  • princess
  • quantum
  • robot
  • steam-punk
  • steampunk
  • teen
  • victorian


After a riding accident Princess Amelia discovers she is made entirely out of clockwork. Trapped in the Kings prison she escapes with the help of a well read rat, a mute fly boy and a quantum mechanical cat. So begins her incredible peregrination of the isle of Albion in search of the real princess. Will encounters with the Wizard of Speed and time, the Admiral of the eight sea, the Janus sisters, the blind watchmaker help or hinder the Clockwork princess on her quest to rescue the real princess? Who kidnapped the real princess anyway and what will the kidnappers do if she is found? Children of all ages (8+) will enjoy this steampunk ride through a curious looking glass world. The Clockwork princess an instructive moral tale for all young boys and girls out there about the dangers of sharing to much on the book of faces. Note-I'm using British English through out (dam colonials!)

1. A Royal Princess

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The Clock...
by The-Scrivener