Blood Mother. A Vam...
By tamoja
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  • mystery
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Calina remembered very little from her life before it was stolen from her. As she cradled the sleeping boy in her arms, she tried to recreate the one thing she could never forget: the feeling of being a mother. She hummed softly the way she had for her own children and kissed his cool cheek. When she had spent every moment she could with him and the sun threatened to rise, she fed from his tiny throat. It was euphoric, but it lasted only for a moment. Then the hunt to find another would begin. Stone Hoyt was assigned to the solve a string of child killings that everyone believed was the work of a serial killer on the loose. But Stone was more than a street cop and knew firsthand the work of the undead. His past experience and training would lead him to network the underground and invade the nests. Finding the vamp that decided children were acceptable targets. And when he did, there would be no hesitation in putting a stake though its heart and sending it back to hell where it belonged. Stone would gladly go there himself, as long as the vamp was with him. ****finished version of the Wattpad draft****

Ch.1: Hoyt

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Blood Mot...
by tamoja