The Miles Files
By mr_suspenders
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Tasked with one of the most crucial and highly confidential favors, Mia Porter is sent to Kingston: a prestigious and elite all boys boarding school hidden in the lush tropics of Molokai, Hawaii. There, surrounded in the midst of several handsome young men, Mia works as the President's spy, watching over his resentful and troubled son, Miles Avery. During her stay at Kingston, Mia grows to accept her new life of sharing meals with Abercrombie-looking models and sleeping across the hall from the sons of prime ministers and infamous business CEOs. However, as time passes, she begins to realize that it's Miles - kind, adventurous, protective Miles - who may be the one reason why she's slipping out of control. Additionally, if that weren't strenuous enough, Mia realizes that there's something about the familiar blonde that she can't seem to recall from her past. Thus, as her relationship with him only deepens, Mia Porter comes to a frightening conclusion: While undercover to steal fragments of his life, Miles in return, has begun to steal pieces of her heart. ✿*✿*✿ Amelia "Mia" Porter has one job. Miles Avery hates one person. Mia Porter is the President's spy. Miles Avery is the President's son. Mia Porter is sent to an all boy's boarding school. Miles Avery goes to an all boy's boarding school. The rest is history.

i. the miles files

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The Miles...
by mr_suspenders