Letters (Short-stor...
By Ethereal_Ardour
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After 10 years of her big sister's suicide, a 15-year-old girl gets the chance to open that mysterious box her big sister gave her some months before her death. What she doesn't know is that its contend will help her with the most hurtful moments she'll go through in her life.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My very first story in ages. :) It's all a little practice before I get to finish larger stories. ;D Tell me what you think. X3 By the way, I uploaded the whole story. I'm really amateur so please comment to let me know for your opinion. :) I need to improve ^^ Enjoy!!! ^^ Special Magic In Loving Everyone ~.~ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ /This story was written in 2013, published on 2015 and republished on 2016. My writing has changed since then.

Part i- Bullying -

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Letters (...
by Ethereal_Ardour