Thug Cupid (bwwm) {...
By ChusukiCHARmander
  • Fantasy
  • bdsm
  • bwwm
  • control
  • cupid
  • dangerous
  • fantasy
  • goddess
  • godesses
  • gods
  • harsh
  • heartbreak
  • interracal
  • kinky
  • love
  • mysterious
  • thug
  • watti


A girl that should have anyone she want has the worst love life ever. Will a gun a bullet and wings change that? "You don't want a sweet hand holding boyfriend! You want a alpha male someone who will push you over the edge fu¬Ęk you till your bed breaks your legs shake and your body quakes...and after that someone who leads and you follow like the helpless kitten you are." His words were right. He had me pinned to a wall and forced me to hear what I needed. His control over me over my body it made me sick but I loved it. Cupid is a harsh killer, a womanizer, a control freak... A God (My first watty entry comment and vote thanks for reading!) If you have spotify I have a playlist for this book. Just look up Thug Cupid

would this be bad ... [a/n]

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Thug Cupi...
by ChusukiCHARmander