Return of the Stag...
By chloeschiminovich
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What happens when James Potter, father of Harry Potter, has miraculously returned from the dead? When James Potter turns up in the wrecked house that he was killed in fifteen years ago, apparently alive and devastated at Lily's and "Harry's" deaths he winds up being found by none other that Albus Dumbledore, who is baffled at the sudden appearance of a dead man. Harry is in his fifth year at Hogwarts. Harry, is now dealing with the traumas of his past, a new DADA(defense against the dark arts) teacher and on top of it all, being publicly accused of lying about Voldemort. How will he now deal with his father's return on top of it all? Will he be distant and cold not wanting to believe that it's actually him or will he be warm and happy after finding out. Please enjoy this adventure with Harry, Ron, Hermione, James and the many other wonderful characters that J.K. Rowling has created and shared with us. This will go to the end of the seventh book! DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS AS THEY BELONG TO J.K. ROWLING, AUTHOR OF THE WONDERFUL HARRY POTTER SERIES!

Chapter 1 - Awakened

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Return of...
by chloeschiminovich