My BDSM Vampire mate
By fanficgurl101
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After turning 18 Lisa and her gay best friend Evan move to new York in their own apartment. Lisa who has been looking for a job and has been rejected for each one. With one chance left she heads out to nightclub. But before she can even get to the front door she gets mugged. Just when all hope is lost and she's on the verge of unconsciousness a secret hero saves her taking her away to his palace. Lucas Winchester, the high up and respectable vampire king has always had a cold heart. His job is to get things done and keep his kingdom safe and that's the end of it. Period. But when one night the king is out for business meeting he finds a girl that will mean more to him than anything he's ever known. But he has a secret. The king is a very brutal and punishing man who believes on keeping his woman in line through pleasure and pain. Will she be enough to change his dark ways or will she succumb to the dark side of Lucas that thrills and scares her.

The Move

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My BDSM V...
by fanficgurl101