A Fifth Daughter [B...
By JJHays
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A MODERN MEDIEVAL FANTASY #31 in Fantasy |Book 2 of the Fifth Daughter Trilogy| Davenport has returned to take over Fantasy and the Riders are dispatched under the command; 'kill or be killed.' It's a fight to the death war; no surrendering and no prisoners. The flags of Legend and Lore have joined, the Demons are rallied, and Smoke is on a mission. Reports have arrived from all over Fantasy. Vampires are being defanged and Fairy Dust collect-ed. But there are no real leads. No definite answer as to who is killing these creatures and no one knows where all the stolen objects are being taken or what they are used for. Taking the well-known name of an assassin and thief; Sinder Zane, Smoke goes undercover to find out the truth behind all the bad stuff going on in the background of the real battle. What she finds, though, could change everything. When Cai is taken, Smoke will do anything and everything to get him back, even betray her own knowledge of what is right. She's not a leader. She's not a queen. She's just a girl wanting a normal life and everyone who underestimates that could find themselves at the sharp point of her sword. Starting in Fairy Tale, kidnapped to Graceland, Smoke travels to Urban, and then to the heart of Red Peak, where the story of Fantasy could very well end. Smoke and Cai are back to test the boundaries of not just their bond to each other, but also Smoke's with her friends and family; to her country. During a challenging time and broken relationships; friendships will be tested and lives lost in the second book of the Fifth Daughter Trilogy. Started: 08.26.16 Restarted: 10.04.16 Completed: 02.06.17

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A Fifth D...
by JJHays