Love Hurts (Lesbian...
By wolfess21
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Kylie was adored by many, then hated by many more, those who stood by her side already know part of her story; this tells the rest of it. The truth about why she did what she did, she failed, and now she wants those like her and her friends - to know that they're not alone in this world. She was a lesbian, thing was she was sort of ready to come out, but not totally, in the end her hand was forced. In the aftermath of her suicide, the footage she left behind shows her friends what pushed her, and her last wish is for her friends to live a long and happy life. But will they? When they all love her, and miss her so much? Can her friends make it to graduation, knowing the rest of the year was the reason their friend is dead? Well the only way to find out is to read on. *AUTHORS NOTE - that if anything in the tags or the blurb may trigger you or you don't like/ agree with, then don't read this story. This story is truthful, painful and tearful for me to write as I know how many people out there - are just like Kylie and her friends - so this story is for you. Whether gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual - you are human and have feelings and rights - don't ever let people take that away from you.*

The Real Me

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Love Hurt...
by wolfess21