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Many years have passed since the Seven left Camp Half-Blood, after having to fake their deaths. Their eldest children have matured, and it's now their turn to go to Camp. The Third Great Prophecy has been weaved into the legacies' lives, and when they return to Camp Half-Blood, it's only a matter of time before they'll leave for a quest, though how they'll manage to complete it, they'll have no idea. But that's not all. The prophecy specifically states that the five young heroes will need to go to Tartarus, but how can five newbies survive the deepest pit in hell? The answer hides beneath the lies that they were given, and the past which the Seven have tried to hide... *A 2016 PJO Watty Awards second place winner under Young Characters* The Fake series: I ~ Secrets [completed] II ~ Lies [completed] III ~ Truth [completed] IV ~ Fight [current]

Lies [Coming Soon]

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Lies [Seq...
by fanfics-and-stories