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~Completed~ All is as it should be. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase can finally relax after Gaea has returned to her slumber. Both are alive and excited for their future. But what will happen to their plan of college in New Rome when two meddling goddesses interfere once again? This time it's only a job for the Dynamic Duo. The rest of the Seven have earned their peace, but apparently Percy and Annabeth have not. They find out that not only are Greek and Roman gods real, but another myth is not such a fable. Their next journey will take them to Europe--to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry Potter and his friends have finally beaten the Dark Lord. Voldemort is gone and all they want is a normal, uneventful year. Returning to pass their seventh year of magical studies, the Golden Trio finds that their troubles are far from over. Two new students join the misfits of Hogwarts and Harry, Ron, and Hermione do what they do best-dig deep to uncover the skeletons in Percy and Annabeth's closet. Little do the wizards know that the demigods are already on to them, and doing everything in their power to protect their secret. What will happen when all of the cards are on the table? Will they put aside their differences, trust each other, and work together? Or will the world witness a monumental battle between the Golden Trio and the two-time Saviors of Olympus?


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by music_and_literature